English 3365: Second Language Acquisition (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi)

Course Description: ENGL 3365 is an introduction to second language acquisition. The course is designed to be accessible to students from a wide variety of backgrounds and no basic knowledge of the linguistic structure of English will be assumed (e.g., Introduction to Linguistics). This course will address issues related to how second language is learned both by children and adults. This course has both theoretical and practical components to address understanding of second language learning. We will look at the major schools of thought and concepts that underpin the field of second language acquisition. We know that success in language learning is variable, and the course will cover different factors affecting learning other languages. This course will also address some issues related to classroom-based second language instruction. It should be understood that, while certain overlap exists, an understanding of second language learning is not synonymous with second language teaching methods.

English 3340: Grammar

Course Description: ENGL 3340 presents a general descriptive overview of English grammar and provides a structural framework for analyzing English sentences. The class will equip students with the necessary knowledge for teaching grammar while also enabling participants to view his or her own writing with increased awareness.

English 406: Modern English Grammar (University of Arizona: Fall 2012, 2013, & 2014)

Course Description: This course is applicable to a wide variety of students, including those majoring in Linguistics, English, and Education. English 255 or a comparable introduction to linguistics course is the prerequisite. Through a series of lectures, discussions, and projects, students will gain the analytic tools and knowledge to understand the structure and usage of English grammar. Functional and Corpus-based approaches and the influence of context on grammar will be points of emphasis for the course.

Syllabus: ENGL406_2014

Evaluations for Fall 2013 & Fall 2014: Poole_ Evals_Fall2012 Poole_TCE_ENGL406_Fall2013

English 108: Freshman Composition (2012, 2013, 2014)

Course Description: Building on the close reading, focused research, and reflective writing done in English 107, English 108 emphasizes the skills of rhetorical analysis, research, persuasion, reflection, and revision. It is designed to help students learn to write for varied audiences and situations, find and evaluate sources, and make critically aware decisions about how best to achieve their purposes at the university and beyond. The immediate goal of this course is to prepare students for further research and writing in their future fields of academic work.

Syllabus: Poole_ENGL108_Fall14_Syllabus

Evaluations from 2012, 2013, & 2014: Poole_TCE_ENGL108_Spring2014 Poole_TCE2_ENGL108_Spring2013 Poole_TCE1_ENGL108_Spring2013 Poole_ Evals_Fall2012

Courses at the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL)

Second Language Acquisition Theory Poole_Evals_SLA_Theory

Level 30 Oral Communication Poole_CESL_30A Oral Communication

Level 30 Writing Poole_CESL_30B_WritComm

Level 40 Reading Skills Poole_CESL_40A_ReadSkills

Level 50 Grammar Poole_CESL_50A Grammar

Level 50 Academic Writing Poole_CESL_50C_WritComm_2012 Poole_CESL_50C_WritComm_2013

Level 60 Reading Poole_CESL_60C Reading Skills


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