Corpus Resources

Bibliographies & Resources (annotations will be added soon)

The Stanford POS tagger

Laurance Anthony’s Antconc and other tools

CALPER’s searchable corpus bibliography

Corpus Search 2: useful for creating and searching syntactically parsed corpora

Froelich’s Introductory bibliography for corpus linguistics

Gabrielatos’ Bibliography for Corpus Approaches to Discourse Analysis. This an excellent bibliography!

Lee’s Links for Corpus-based Linguistics

Lancaster’s UCREL many resources. Find out more about the CLAWS POS tagger & USAS Semantic Tagger.

List of corpus resources provided by the University of Washington. Here is the link.

Rayson’s WMATRIX: a wonderful tool for corpus analysis.

A great blog on statistics in corpus linguistics

Ohio State University’s list of corpora and corpus annotation tools


The American National Corpus

The Blog Authorship Corpus

Business Letter Corpus with online KWIC concordancer

The BYU corpora

The Google N-Gram Viewer

A list of learner corpora at the Center for English Corpus Linguistics

The PolyU Language Bank Corpora

The UCREL Corpus Query Processor


Colmenares’ Applied Corpus Linguistics in language teaching and learning

Data-driven learning with Lex-tutor

English Teaching Professional’s 5 Ways of Using Corpora to Develop Learner Autonomy

EFL Notes on Using Corpora

A google + group for corpus linguistics with focus on language teaching and learning

Just-the-Word concordancer

Word and Phrase: my favorite resource for the classroom.



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