AAAL 2016: Implementing Specialized Corpora in L2 Writing Classrooms

Here are my slides for AAAL 2016.


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Advertisements & IJBC articles

Here’s a link to my recently published article in the International Journal of Business Communication in which I report a corpus analysis of letters to the shareholders from several Fortune 500 companies.

Good times, bad times: a keyword analysis of letters to the shareholders

Also, published a write-up of the IJBC article on 1/4/2016 that summarizes my findings and includes a few comments from a brief interview.

This is what companies say when they downplay their failures

An Introduction to Corpus-Aided Pedagogy

I recently published an overview of corpus-aided language pedagogy in the Center for Applied Second Language Studies’ Intercom newsletter. It’s a brief article intended to give teachers unfamiliar with corpus approaches a quick and accessible intro to the topic. If you are a language teacher, you may consider subscribing to Intercom for free articles, lesson plans, activities, and professional development opportunities.

Here’s the link to the article: 

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Corpus linguistics community news by Mura Nava

Mura Nava consistently posts great things on corpus linguistics and corpus-based pedagogy. If you’re interested in corpus linguistics for the classroom, her blog at EFLNOTES and her twitter feed @muranava are a great place to find resources. I’m adding her recent post here, but please do visit and follow her blog at

EFL Notes

Another installment of the Google+ Corpus Linguistics Community news. In addition I include links to some visual aids that were designed to answer questions people in the second round of #corpusmooc posed.

Bigger is not necessarily better – Here I talk about some minor aspects of the paper, and not the more interesting aspects that is, the paper compiled a list of approximately 14000 pairs of collocations that are worth teaching. The list is not available as of yet. The other main finding is that frequency is more important than dispersion or chronological data when identifying collocations, with human judgement remaining a key factor in deciding on useful collocations.

Google as a corpus with students – Some interesting recent developments on using Google as a corpus with a short list of relevant online reading.

How to develop effective concordance materials using online corpus – My interpretation of a slideshow by…

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Integrating corpus linguistics and ecolinguistics

One direction I’ve gone with corpus linguistics is towards the study of environmental discourse, and I’ve begun building and analyzing a corpus of environmental texts. I’m compiling a corpus of texts all referencing the same environmental issue over its 8-9 year lifespan in southern Arizona and integrating ecolinguistic/ecological frameworks with corpus analysis methods.

So, if the term ecolinguistics piqued your interest, you should check out The Language and Ecology Research Forum curated by Arran Stibbe at the University of Gloucester. The page has a great bibliography. Yes, some of it may not be of direct interest to corpus linguists, but there are certainly some interesting selections.